What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a part of the internet marketing mix with the objective to increase position of a website (or a web page) in the organic search results. Together with other online marketing disciplines. Websites which appear higher in the search engine results are more frequently visited and as a result enjoy higher amount of traffic. A good SEO company will research keywords, competitors and technical aspects of their client’s website and create a custom strategy based on all available opportunities.

To succeed, your website needs to be found.
Where is the first place you look, when you want to find some information fast? Exactly – you go online. And so does everybody else. Hundreds of millions of times a day.

With 80% of clicks belonging to organic links, how many customers are you missing by not optimizing your search marketing strategy? The numbers speak for themselves. And, at Krimson Communication, so do our results.

A couple of statistics for you to know: -
There are 17 million internet visits locally. That is about 57% of the total population.
There is a total of 3 billion internet users using the internet worldwide.

Whether you want to increase awareness or acquire more customers, every dollar spent must yield more targeted visitors – visitors interested in what you have to say, and motivated to take action. We leverage market data insights, along with a deep understanding of your site visitors, to build a custom solution that will yield more than just traffic; it will yield tangible results for your business.So, while search engine marketing is the most powerful tool in an online marketer’s toolbox, it’s critically important that your company or brand be at the head of the line when your customer starts shopping and looking for answers.

We deliver industry-leading practices in site optimization while harnessing the emergence of social media. Our SEO solutions increase qualified traffic, enhance brand awareness, and provide the competitive edge to rank atop major search engines.